So maybe you're in the market for a new boat but you're not sure what you want or you have looked at some boats and are still not at the point where you would want to make an offer. This is very common and at this point you're not in need a full pre-purchase survey but you want to get a sense of what you're looking at. This is where I come in and can advise you by giving the vessel or vessels you're interested in a once over to let you know if they are worth pursuing or you should just cross them off your list. When it comes time to make an offer, I can also help with market research and advise you on what you should be offering and what similar boats have been selling for.

On the other hand you may already own a boat and you have concerns about a particular repair or other issues plaguing your vessel. I can help you in these instances as well and get to the root of the problem or problems you may be having so you can get back on the water safely.

Consultation is done by the hour, minimum 1 hour after which billing will be in 1/4 hour increments.

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